4.11.2020 | Autor unbekannt

Sabine/Gabe Passareli Simões Vieira

Gabe Passareli Simões Vieira aka SABINE, 25 years old, black non-binary person, was born in Rio Bonito, in the countryside of Rio de Janeiro. Bachelor of Science in Occupational Therapy by the Medicine School of the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro. In their BsC dissertation they defended a monograph entitled “Bixa Preta no Baixo CAPS: Cartografias do cuidado e da formação de uma terapeuta ocupacional” (Bixa Preta in the lower Psychosocial Support Centre/CAPS: Care and training cartographies of an occupational therapist”). Together with their sister Matheusa Passareli, they idealized the device ESTRANHA [STRANGE, in English], a construction-artistic and cultural intervention in the urban environment. Taking stock from their work experience in a Psychosocial Support Centre, they started researching informal spaces of care and social interaction as ethical, political and aesthetic devices.