9.10.2020 | Autor unbekannt

Voices of Resistance

Die Audio-Ausstellung von 10 – 14:30 Uhr ist kostenlos.
Wir freuen uns über eine Spende an TIAM e.V. (IBAN: DE54 8605 5462 0391 0082 42).

This audio exhibition shares different perspectives of inter, trans, non-binary and genderqueer people across the world and within Germany. You are invited to listen on your own or get in touch with other visitors, becoming a resisting collective yourself.

We have always existed and exist in all parts of the world. Within a patriarchal society, this existence means resistance. The everyday violence has to be made public, it has to be fought by all means, it has to become a priority on the political agenda. The losses in our community have to be mourned, the names of the dead have to be said and remembered, their lives have to be honored.

Despite and because of this everyday struggle, our communities are examples of strength, beauty and resilience. Networks of solidarity have emerged, spaces of warmth and inclusion have been built and powerful political voices keep demanding political and social justice for all those who do not fit into the normative gender/sex binary.