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EN Invitation POLYRHYTHMS 2023

POLYRHYTHMS is going into its third year! We want to open a space for empowering community experiences. A place to support and celebrate our diverse and unique selves, where we can learn to collectively regulate our nervous systems, remember our resilience and resources, and empower each other in the face of a challenging and discriminating world. Behind this project are visions of health justice and access to mental health for all people.

POLYRHYTHMS consists of group meetings about once a month and optional individual sessions. In the group meetings we use TaKeTiNa. With this method, our own body becomes an instrument and the rhythms and resonances in the group become a tool to strengthen resilience and experience community cohesion. In addition to TaKeTiNa, we bring many years of experience and offers from systemic body therapy and group process facilitation such as: self-regulation and relaxation techniques, imagination work and meditation, artistic expression such as drawing and writing, empowerment. In the process, we also adapt to your previous experiences, needs and boundaries. In the individual sessions we create a respectful and appreciative space for your personal process.

POLYRHYTHMS is open to queer people with experiences of marginalization and discrimination, in particular people with trans, inter and non-binary identities, Black Indigenous People of Color, Jews, people with refugee experiences and migration heritage. We are Gregöre (she/none), Ali (they/she) and Matthias (he). We are all 3 white, endo and without any visible disability. Some of us are non-binary transfeminine, some cis, some Jewish, some Christian, queer, with and without a migration background, with East German socialization, with a poverty class background, with access to academic education, and affected by mental health. We work together with Trans Inter Aktiv Mitteldeutschland e.V. and the Queer Refugees Network/Rosa Linde e.V.. The project is financed (application pending) by the Department for Migration and Integration of the City of Leipzig.


POLYRHYTHMS 2023 framework conditions:

  • Languages: German/English/French.
  • Free participation with negative corona test and regular participation .
  • Next workshop on 14.02. at 14.00-17.00.

Further group meetings:

  • Tuesdays 16.30-19.00: 07.03. / 18.04./ 09.05./ 06.06. /19.09.
  • Sunday, 15.10. from 14.00-18.00
  • Place: VAMOS (Arthur-Hofmann-Str. 58, rear building)
  • Barriers: room can be reached via 8 steps, no barrier-free toilet.


Individual appointments are arranged individually.

  • Location: System.Körper.Raum, Hildebrandstraße 36, corner of Dölitz Straße.
  • Barriers: Room can be reached via 3 steps, ramp available. The toilet is not barrier-free and can be reached via another 6 steps.


Registration by email (polyrhythms@posteo.de) or SMS to 0152 3762 9050 (Whatsapp).

If you would like to come to the introduction workshop first before signing up, a short message is enough.