9.10.2020 | Autor unbekannt

Situation von indigenen trans Personen in Brasilien

Der Vortrag findet in Portugiesisch statt und wird auf Deutsch übersetzt. // The talk will be in portuguese and translated to German.

From the Reading of the zine “O RIO DE JANEIRO CONTINUA LINDO E OPRESSOR” (“Rio de Janeiro is still beautiful and oppressive”), by the artist Matheusa Passareli, a Visual Arts student of the State University of do Rio de Janeiro murdered in April 2018 in Rio de Janeiro at the age of 21 years old, the speaker will open a dialogue on grief and the brutal violence imposed on non-normative bodies. How should one go about his/her/their life in contexts that use death as a dispositive of power? The speaker will resort to listening as a care resource and a way to embrace different forms of life.

Der Vortrag ist kostenfrei. Wir freuen uns über eine Spende an TIAM e.V. (IBAN: DE54 8605 5462 0391 0082 42).